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About Us

Welcome to the new VVN Music.  Our new focus is the honoring and chronicling of the biggest artists and records of the last 64 years, going back to 1955, the birth of rock and roll.

We don't edit for style or "worthiness".  We'll talk about a number one album by Led Zeppelin or Jay-Z as fast as we'll talk about a number one single by Lawrence Welk.  Nothing in popular music of the last six-and-a-half decades will be left off the table.

Look for the latest news on awards and honors along with tributes to those who have passed and a look back on the charts of the past. 

VVN Music began in October 2006 as Vintage Vinyl News, an offshoot of a retail page for selling older vinyl and music memorabilia. By late-2007, the site had gone to full-time status covering news, reviews and information on those artists that we consider as "veterans," having recorded for 25 years or more.

We are always interested in hearing from our readers in regard to the site and its content.

Music artists, their management, record and publishing companies are also welcome to contact us via any of the means below.

Standard Mail:

   Roger Wink
   VVN Network
   51 Valley Brook Road
   Penfield, NY 14526