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Review: Chicago @ Artpark, Lewiston, NY

Chicago in Concert (7/31/21) I saw Chicago four times between 1970 (when they were still the Chicago Transit Authority) and 1976 and, while they were a great band, nobody was going to claim that they were tight or precision instrumentalists.  That can be heard plainly on the live album Chicago IV where the occasional misstep is chronicled for all to hear.  Last night, at Artpark in Lewiston, NY, the band proved that not only are they still the consummate entertainers but are also now one of the tightest bands on the planet.  No more missed notes on the brass, the three instrumentalists hit every note with enthusiasm and precision rivaling such bands as Earth, Wind and Fire and Tower of Power.   Now 54 years old, Chicago is also one of the most active bands on the road, not just from number of shows, but also in how the ten members are all over the stage highlighting different members depending on the song.  Nobody has their own position on the stage, save the drummer and percussionist.
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Archive Interview: Mel Carter (2012)

Mel Carter's Latest Mel Carter  has had a terrific career in music from his days in gospel to his discovery by  Quincy Jones , his working with  Sam Cooke  and his many hits like  When a Boy Falls in Love ,  Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me ,  (All of a Sudden) My Heart Sings  and  Band of Gold . Carter has recently released a new album called  The Other Standards  where he covers some "off the beaten path" songs from the 40's, 50's and 60's (along with one original of his own) that were recorded by such greats as  Billy Ecksteine ,  Julie London ,  Ivory Joe Hunter ,  Jo Stafford ,  Sonny Til ,  Arthur Prysock  and a number of others. In doing so, he has revived songs that deserve to be in the upper echelon of what we now call standards and that deserve to be remembered and heard by a new generation. The other amazing thing about the new album is that, at 69, Mel's voice is as clear and strong as it was during his hitmaking days. It's an instrument tha

Archive Interview: Tommy Roe (2012)

Tommy Roe Today We are republishing all of our interviews, over the years, with some of great artists of the rock era.  Some were originally published on this page while others will be transcripts from our podcast.  Throughout the 60's and early 70's,  Tommy Roe  lit up the radio with some of the most infectious songs of the time. Starting with his Buddy Holly tribute,  Sheila , in 1962, Roe had a string of hits that went through the entire decade including  Everybody, Sweet Pea, Hooray for Hazel, Dizzy  and  Jam Up and Jelly Tight . Both  Sheila  and  Dizzy  topped the American charts and he totaled 22 songs that made it to the Billboard Hot 100. VVN Music recently had the chance to talk at length with Roe about his career and his latest endeavors. Vintage Vinyl News (VVN):  I understand that you are recording and are almost finished with a new album. Tommy Roe (TR):  Almost finished with it. I have one more song to finish yet which I'll start recording on Apri

Archive Interview: Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon (2012)

Freddy's Autobiography We are embarking on a project to republish all of our interviews, over the years, with some of great artists of the rock era.  Some were originally published on this page while others will be transcripts from our podcast.  Freddy Cannon  lit up the charts in the 50's and 60's with hits like  Tallahassee Lassie ,  Palisades Park  and  Way Down Yonder in New Orleans . Recently, he released his autobiography,  Where the Action Is! , a fascinating look into his long career, the people he knew and the ins and outs of the recording industry. Cannon is candid about the people he encountered throughout his life and his place in the music business but, at the same time, very humble about the individuals who were great influences and who guided him through the many pitfalls in the industry. Beyond music, the book is also the story of a man who stayed true to his integrity and to a family who has been with him through the good times and the bad. We had