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Preview: Fraternity Featuring Bon Scott - "Seasons of Change: The Complete Recordings 1970 - 1974"

Lost Recordings by Pre-AC/DC Bon Scott
Adelaide music promoter and historian Victor Marshall has been heralded as the 'Indiana Jones' of Australian Music after uncovering the 'holy grail' of lost recordings, Hamish Henry's vault of now historical Australian recordings, including lost Fraternity tracks featuring AC/DC lead singer Bon Scott. Marshall has worked alongside the surviving members of Fraternity and their manager Hamish Henry to put together the band's remastered complete recordings. Fraternity's original albums (Livestock and Flaming Galah) and singles have been remastered from Hamish Henry's original tapes along with an entire album of new unheard songs featuring the then future lead singer of AC/DC, Bon Scott. The new album is called 'Second Chance', named after its title track.

The box set will be released by Cherry Red Records world wide on January 22nd 2021. Space Lab 9 will also be releasing each album in a special edition limited double vinyl later in 2021.

Victor Marshall made the amazing discovery of lost recordings whilst conducting interviews for the upcoming Fraternity biography that he has written. Tracking down each surviving band member and their entourage from their days in Fraternity, Marshall was able to forensically write the band's story using the band's own accounts and perspectives. The Fraternity book will be published by Brolga Publishing. The book and the CD boxset will be launched at a 50th Anniversary celebration of Fraternity on Thursday March 18th at Thebarton Theatre. (More info below)

Victor Marshall: "It has been a dream come true to work with one of Australia's most important pioneering pub rock bands. This project could not have been possible without the generosity of the band (Bruce Howe, John Freeman, John Bisset, Sam See, Mauri Berg, Uncle John Eyers & Tony Buettel) and the band's original manager Hamish Henry. I hope that all the members of Fraternity will finally receive the recognition they deserve and have their real story told."

Hamish Henry ran the majority of Adelaide's venues and bands in the late 60's and early 70's from his offices on Le Fevre Terrace, Adelaide. Hamish and his businesses including Grape Organisation, Music Power and Caine Promotions ran top venues such as Headquarters Central (95 Grote Street), North (The Octogon Theatre Elizabeth), West, Snoopy's, The Scene, St Claire and Summer Sound Off (Memorial Drive). Hamish brought international acts to Adelaide promoting the likes of 1910 Fruitgum Co., Jerry Lee Lewis, Deep Purple, Free and Manfred Mann. Eventually Hamish funded and organised the 1971 Myponga Music Festival in which he had Black Sabbath headline with Fraternity and Billy Thorpe. Hamish went on to fund and organise the Meadows Technicolour Fair in 1972. He also managed other Adelaide bands such as Lotus, War Machine, Nostra Damus and Headband. Amongst Hamish's other activities at this time included successfully running the North Adelaide Galleries.

After leaving Adelaide and moving Fraternity to England, Hamish went on to manage international acts including The Pink Fairies, Focus and Charles Aznavour.


Fraternity quickly rose to prominence after forming in 1970 and became Hamish's premier headlining band. Led by Bassist Bruce Howe, a hard taskmaster, alongside seasoned guitarist Mick Jurd, the group was known for the quality of their performances and their original material. Other members included the master of the drawbars on the Hammond Organ John Bisset, the best right foot in the business John Freeman on drums, the elusive harmonica extraordinaire Uncle John Eyers, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Sam See and of course Bon Scott.

Some of the band's great achievements were:
  • Winning the 1971 Hoadley's Battle Of The Sounds (defeating Sherbet and Jeff St John)
  • Representing the Country Arts Council on the then largest regional tour of SA
  • Performing with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra at the Adelaide Festival of Arts
  • The first Australian rock band to have a devoted national prime time TV special
  • Performing with bands such as Black Sabbath, Status Quo, Free and Manfred Mann