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Music of a Lifetime #15 - Chi Coltrane - "Thunder and Lightning"

Coltrane's 1972 Debut Album
The American music landscape is littered with the careers of one-hit wonders yet, sometimes, those artists went on to continuing success in other parts of the world. 

Such was the case with Chi Coltrane. Hailing out of Racine, WI, she had her first professional experience with her won Chicago Coltrane band before signing with Columbia Records. 

Coltrane had a tremendously big voice that blasted out of the radio during 1972 when her only American hit, "Thunder and Lightning", went into the top twenty. 

I remember buying her debut album on the strength of that song and was impressed by not only her voice, but also her compositions. Two more albums were released in the U.S. with little notice and, in the 80's she lived in Europe where she recorded three albums with an updated sound. 

Today, she still performs live, mainly in Europe where audiences tend to revere artists well beyond their original popularity.