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Music of a Lifetime #14 - Robbie Williams - "Go Gentle"

Williams' Second Album of Stadard Pop
I have never been able to understand why Robbie Williams was never able to break into the U.S. market.

Yes, he started in the U.K. "boy band" Take That, which may have been a strike against him, but, since leaving them, he has become the antithesis of that genre with music ranging from rock to pop to easy listening and a very non-boy band personality.

The fact is that Williams tried, including a major tour of North America after his hits album, "The Ego Has Landed" was released, but it failed to turn into a following. In interviews, he's basically said that the effort it would take to gain an American audience would be just too much effort and he was happy with what he has in the rest of the world.

In the U.K., he is recognized as the most successful Male Vocalist ever, placing eleven out of his twelve studio albums at number 1 along with seven number 1 singles (and that's not including seven chart toppers he had with Take That and four more on charity singles).

I've always wondered if his personality didn't sit well in this country. "The Ego Has Landed" was a very apt name for the album as Williams has always put forth a very strong sense of self-importants. He also likes to play the bad boy, stalking around the stage but there's always just a glint in his eye that makes you think it is all just a joke to him.

Bottom line, though, musically, is that he is a very talented singer, has a great range of material and has a very strong stage presence.