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Music of a Lifetime #13 - Meaghan Smith - "A Little Love"

Meghan Smith is an artist. I don't mean just a music artist, but also a mixed media artist, a writer and an animator.

I don't remember where I first came upon the Canadian singer. It was sometime after she released her debut album, "The Cricket's Orchestra". That album was a bit of a revelation for me with the mixing of old aesthetics, like 1940's jazz, with modern effects and sound. There isn't one song on the album that I didn't love and she went on to win the Juno Award (Canada's Grammys) for Best New Artist in 2011.

Some of the credit for her success and her sound has to go to her HusBand (yes, that's how she refers to him, Hus-Band), Jason Mingo, who produces and plays guitar, bass, keyboards and drums.

Meghan followed with a Christmas album and her second standard release, "Have a Heart" which had a difficult gestation including a record company's aborted attempt to pair her a producer well outside her standard sound. Smith wrote about the experience of making the album in her book "'How To Have A Heart (In 25 Not So Easy Steps)".

After starting a family, Meghan started crafting songs upon hire for special occasions and life moments under the name "Our Songs" which has led to a number of very touching and profound compositions. Just recently, she also released an EP of new music, "Throwback".

Then there are her other pursuits. Graduating with a degree in animation, she has used that craft in a few of her music videos and, more recently, has begun her own line of greeting cards.

Here's a few tracks from that album that made me fall in love with the music of Meghan Smith.

...and one from the "Have a Heart" album.