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Music of a Lifetime #9 - Sara Bareilles - "Gonna Get Over You" (Live)

I have been a big fan of Sara Bareilles since the first time I heard "Love Song" on the radio.

A talented singer and songwriter, she also has an amazing personality (which shows off the mouth of a sailor).

She also has what is needed for the long haul. From a "hits" standpoint, "Love Song" is pretty much it even though a few others ("King of Anything", "Brave") have gotten quite a bit of Adult Contemporary play, but you wouldn't know it by the trajectory of her career.

In 2015, she wrote the score for the Broadway musical "Waitress" which ran almost five years with a total of 1,544 performances. Bareilles most likely would have won the Tony award for the show's score if she hadn't opened up against another little production called "Hamilton".

Her latest project is Executive Producing, co-writing scripts and songwriting for the Apple TV series "Little Voice"