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Music of a Lifetime #6 - Pomplamoose - "Sous le Ciel de Paris"

I can't really categorize Pomplamoose. One week, they are a band that records original music in a variety of genres. Another week, they are a covers band, both faithful copies and in drastically altered arrangements and, the next week, they are releasing French language standards.

That's probably why I like them. You never know what you are going to get.

Pomplamoose is a group of very talented musicians led by Jack Conte, who also is one of the founders of Patrion, and singer Nataly Dawn whose smoky voice reminds me a bit, at times, of Sade.

Their covers include a faithful take on ELO's "Mr. Blue Sky", an amazing mash up of Jamiroquai's "Virtual Insanity" with "Stayin' Alive" and the clervely titled "Can't Stop Feeling Billie Jean's Face" mixing Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson and The Weeknd.

Above all, at least for me, is their current fascination with older French pop songs. Here is their take on Edith Piaf's "Sous le Ciel de Paris".

...and one of the mashups.