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Remembering Bill Isles, Original Member of the O'Jays

In 1958, the O'Jays were formed in Canton, OH with Eddie Levert, Walter Williams, Bobby Massey, William Powell and Bill Isles.

Isles died last month at his California home after suffering from cancer.  He was 78.

Originally known as the Mascots and, later, the Triumphs, recording a Cleveland-area hit with "Miracles" in 1961.  Two years later, they changed their name to the O'Jays, scoring nine Hot 100 hits between 1963 and 1970 with "Lipstick Traces (On a Cigarette)" being the biggest, peaking at 48. 1967's "I'll Be Sweeter Tomorrow (Than I Was Today)" went to number 8 on the R&B singles.

Isles and Massey left the group in 1972, leaving a trio.  The three remaining members went on to big success after signing with Philadelphia International.

These are the O'Jays five biggest hits with Bill Isles:

5. Look Over Your Shoulder (1968 / #89 Pop / #27 R&B)

4. One Night Affair (1969 / #68 Pop / #15 R&B)

3. I'll Be Sweeter Tomorrow (Than I Was Today) (1967 / #66 Pop / #8 R&B)

2. Deeper (In Love With You) (1970 / #64 Pop / #21 R&B)

1. Lipstick Traces (On a Cigarette) (1965 / #48 Pop / #28 R&B)