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Remembering Surf Guitar Great Dick Dale - Ten of His Best Moments

Dick Dale, the pioneer and king of the surf guitar sound, died on Saturday (March 16) night at the age of 81.  While no cause of death was announced, Dale had battles with recurring cancer back to the 1960's and has said in the past that he continued his career, especially the touring, as a way to pay his medical bills.

Dale recorded his first music in the late 50's employing a unique technique where he played a standard guitar even though he was left handed. He employed heavy gauge strings that could take the onslaught of his rapid fire picking, turned the amps up loud and played with heavy reverb in a style that would eventually become the basis for surf guitar. Leo Fender regularly used him to test the robustness of new models.

While he never had a major hit, only two of his recordings ever charted (Let's Go Trippin' / 1961 / #60 and The Scavenger / 1963 / #98) other of his songs have become rock standards, most notably Misirlou which had a resurgence in popularity when it was used over the opening credits of the film Pulp Fiction.

Here are ten landmark moments from the career of Dick Dale:

Ooh-Wee-Marie (1958)

Let's Go Trippin' (1961)

Misirlou (1962)

King of the Surf Guitar (1963)

The Scavenger (1963)

Surfin' and a Swinin' (1963)

Glory Wave (1964)

Mr. Eliminator (1964)

Pipeline (with Stevie Ray Vaughan) (1987)

Misirlou (live) (1995)