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Remembering David White (Danny & the Juniors, Crystal Palace, songwriter) - His Ten Biggest Hits

David White, whose career spanned being a member of Danny & the Juniors and the Crystal Palace to writing a number of major hits, died on Sunday (March 17, 2019) in Las Vegas at the age of 79.  A cause of death was not reported but it is said that he had been hospitalized last month.

White formed the Juvenaires, who later became Danny & the Juniors, in his Philadelphia neighborhood.  They recorded a song that White and John Madara wrote together, Do the Bop, with the name changed to At the Hop, becoming their biggest hit.  The two also wrote the followup, Rock and Roll is Here to Stay.

In 1960, the two formed Madara and White productions and went on to write such hits as You Don't Own Me, 1-2-3 and The Thought of Loving You for the Crystal Palace of which White was a member.

Here are White's ten biggest hits:

10. Birthday Party - Pixies Three

9. The Dawn of Correction - Spokesmen

8. Pop Pop Pop-Pie - Sherrys

7. Like a Baby - Len Berry

6. Rock & Roll is Here to Stay - Danny & the Juniors

5. The Boy Next Door - The Secrets

4. The Fly - Chubby Checker

3. You Don't Own Me - Lesley Gore

2. 1-2-3 - Len Barry

1. At the Hop - Danny & the Juniors