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Preview: New Book Details 1971 Lyrics, Painting and Watercolors by Joni Mitchell

In 1971, as her album Blue topped music charts around the world, Joni Mitchell created a dazzling and unforgettable holiday gift for her closest friends. MORNING GLORY ON THE VINE was an exquisite selection of Joni's handwritten lyrics and poems, accompanied by more than thirty full-color illustrations, paintings and watercolors. The book was hand-produced in Los Angeles and limited to one hundred signed and numbered copies. Copies of the book have rarely been seen in the past half-century.

Now, in conjunction with Joni's 75th birthday celebrations, MORNING GLORY ON THE VINE: Early Songs and Drawings by Joni Mitchell, will be made publicly available for the first time. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt will publish a facsimile edition on Oct. 22, 2019, containing the book's complete original content, plus a new introduction written by Joni and a number of her additional paintings (made at the time of the book's creation), that were not included in the 1971 edition. A special limited edition, signed by Joni Mitchell, will also be published.

Ellen Archer, President of HMH Books & Media, said, "Fans of many generations recognize Joni Mitchell's brilliant shape-shifting ability to capture our minds, hearts, and souls. Morning Glory on the Vine shares Joni's vibrant visual artistry alongside the words and music we have all come to know and love."

The book was acquired for HMH by Editor at Large David Rosenthal, from Lookout Management's Elliot Roberts.