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Preview: Martha Wash, Singer for Black Box, the Weather Girls, C+C Music Factory, to Release New Single

Martha Wash & Purple Rose Records release a new single by First Ladies of Disco, “Don’t Stop Me Now.”

Martha Wash, the 2X Grammy-nominated voice behind a staggering number of classic dance, pop and R&B hits [“It’s Raining Men” (Weather Girls), “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” (C+C Music Factory), etc.] announces the latest project from her boutique label, Purple Rose Records and DO-KWA Productions. The new digital single by the heritage star trio First Ladies of Disco is called “Don’t Stop Me Now” and is produced by James Washington. Ms. Wash has been working on the recording for several months while juggling a hectic schedule of worldwide performances and the taping of her successful video show, “10 Minutes with Martha Wash.”

Releasing March, 25, 2019, “Don’t Stop Me Now” is an energized, hands-in-the-air anthem that explores the power of women and, inclusively, anyone who fights to rise above the daunting challenges of our world. "Don't Stop Me Now" is the second single from the ensemble, which currently features Martha Wash, Grammy-nominated songstress Linda Clifford and former Chic vocalist Norma Jean Wright. First Ladies of Disco previously reached the Top 10 of Billboard’s dance music chart in 2015 with the smash hit “Show Some Love.” Inspired to come together by the book “First Ladies Of Disco” by James Arena, the group has been touring to sell-out crowds throughout the US and has appeared on ABC, FOX, SiriusXM and many other media outlets.

The spirit and energy of “Don’t Stop Me Now,” (which includes top-line remixes by John LePage, Moto Blanco and Scotty Boy/Block & Crown) is a reflection of Ms. Wash’s mission to spotlight the finely-honed talents and seasoned power of women who are best known for their work in classic disco music - but with a decidedly twenty-first century flair. SiriusXM’s Larry Flick says, “Don’t Stop Me Now” is “First Ladies of Disco at their most powerful and inspiring!” Likewise, Graeme Watson, Editor of Out In Perth Magazine, describes the track as “a great, uplifting song that immediately inspires and motivates!”

“Don’t Stop Me Now” by First Ladies of Disco will be available on most digital music platforms with a video to follow.