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So Long and Thanks For All The Phish

by Roger Wink, VVN Music

VVN Music (originally Vintage Vinyl News) has been a mission for me for the last twelve years, a place where fans of the often overlooked veteran artists of music can find news, reviews and interviews.

Unfortunately, with all things, sometimes they are interrupted by a thing called life. Putting together this website has always been a joy but a very time consuming joy.

You see, we have a very broken medical system in the United States.  Costs for services and prescription drugs have been going up every year for a couple of decades, many times by ten or more percent every twelve months.  The price of insurance has increased at an even faster rate, becoming unaffordable for tens of millions of Americans.

The federal government tried to find a fix for the situation with the ACA but many facets of the law did not work.  Some states, like New York where we are based, offered assistance to lower income people but that assistance cuts off at a certain income level with no graduated ramp up to full rates which can be twelve to fifteen times more expensive for an equivalent policy.

To make matters worse, the number of companies that offer health insurance as a benefit has been dropping to where less than 50% now will pay any part of an employees or their family's insurance costs.

For my wife and I, we had a situation where the cost for our health insurance was going to increase by about 12x over what we had been paying and that insurance would have become almost 50% of our total income.  It was an impossible situation as we are both of an age where medical expenses were going up in both cost and regularity with an increased chance that something beyond an annual checkup could occur. Health insurance was mandatory.

The only solution, other than winning the lottery, was for me to take a full-time job with a company that subsidized health insurance, which I successfully did.  Unfortunately, that leaves far too little time to do the work that is needed to produce a site that met the standards that I wanted to keep.

For now, VVN Music is suspending operations but, with any luck, this is not goodbye.  Things change over time and I prefer to just see this as an extended hiatus.

I truly appreciate all the support that I've had, the help from a number of contributors and our associates at and Noise11 and from the various management and PR firms, and especially from you, the readers.

Here is to the future and hopes that this site will, someday, arise from the dust of internet sites past to once again celebrate the pioneers and veteran contributors to the great world of music.