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Set List: Mike Nesmith & Micky Dolenz @ Chandler Center For the Arts, Chandler, AZ

by VVN Music

Mike Nesmith and Micky Dolenz began their tour on Friday (June 1) at the Chandler Center For the Arts in Chandler, AZ with a 33 song set list of Monkees and Nesmith classics.

For those that saw the Monkees' last tour, almost half of the songs (16 of 33) are new to the show and three of the band's bigger hits, "A Little Bit You, A Little Bit Me", "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone" and "D.W. Washburn" are gone with four from Nesmith's solo catalog added in.

Nesmith and Dolenz brought along a nine-person backup band but the big draw is Nesmith's participation as he has rarely participated in any Monkees activities post-60's.

Set 1
  • Good Clean Fun (from The Monkees Present, 1969)
  • Last Train to Clarksville (from The Monkees, 1966)
  • Sunny Girlfriend (from Headquarters, 1967)
  • Mary, Mary (from More of the Monkees, 1967)
  • You Told Me (from Headquarters, 1967)
  • For Pete's Sake (from Headquarters, 1967)
  • The Door Into Summer (from Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd, 1967)
  • The Girl I Knew Somewhere (from Headquarters, 1967)
  • You Just May Be the One (from Headquarters, 1967)
  • Steam Engine (from The Monkees Present, 1969)
  • Some of Shelly's Blues (from Michael Nesmith's Pretty Much Your Standard Ranch Stash, 1973)
  • Birth of an Accidental Hipster (from Good Times, 2016)
  • St. Matthew (from Missing Links, Volume Two, 1990)
  • Porpoise Song (Theme From "Head") (from Head, 1968)
  • Circle Sky (from Head, 1968)
  • As We Go Along (from Head, 1968)
  • Me & Magdelena (from Good Times, 2016)
Set 2
  • Papa Gene's Blues (from The Monkees, 1966)
  • Randy Scouse Git (from Headquarters, 1967)
  • Nine Times Blue (from Michael Nesmith's The Wichita Train Whistle Sings, 1968)
  • I'll Spend My Life With You (from Headquarters, 1967)
  • Different Drum (from Michael Nesmith's And the Hits Just Keep On Comin', 1972)
  • Take a Giant Step (from The Monkees, 1966)
  • Auntie's Municipal Court (from The Birds, The Bees and the Monkees, 1968)
  • Sweet Young Thing (from The Monkees, 1966)
  • (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone (from More of the Monkees, 1967)
  • Grand Ennui (from Michael Nesmith's Nevada Fighter, 1971)
  • Goin' Down (from Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd, 1967)
  • Daydream Believer (from The Birds, The Bees and the Monkees, 1968)
  • What Am I Doin' Hangin' 'round? (from Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd, 1967)
  • Pleasant Valley Sunday (from Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd, 1967)
  • Listen to the Band (from The Monkees Present, 1969)
  • I'm A Believer (from More of the Monkees, 1967)