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John Oates' Memoir, "Change of Seasons", is Out Today in Paperback With Additional Chapter

Title: Change of Seasons
Author: John Oates with Chris Epting
Release Date: Today (May 29, 2018)
Publisher: St. Martin's Press

As half of the iconic duo of Hall & Oates, John Oates has achieved incredible success. Together, he and Daryl Hall made over twenty albums, sold more than 60 million records, had 29 Top 40 hits, were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and have gotten stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Today Oates is an accomplished solo artist. His most recent release, Arkansas, came out to critical acclaim. He shares his story in Change of Seasons: A Memoir with Chris Epting, newly available in paperback. The paperback edition includes a brand new chapter. It tells the story of a very special guitar that resurfaced in Oates’ life as a result of his book and how he got his musical groove back. His legions of fans will hear the stories behind the songs, the lessons from a life navigating the music industry, and his reflections on a remarkable 50 year partnership.

2017 marked the 50 year anniversary of when Oates met Daryl Hall when they both attended Temple University. This chance meeting set in motion a musical collaboration that would take them farther than either could have imagined. In Change of Seasons, Oates takes readers even further back—to his childhood outside of Philadelphia where he grew up alongside rock n’ roll. This early exposure to folk, soul, blues, and R&B would provide fertile ground for the birth of his own evolving sound. Music is truly the through-line in Oates’ life and the stories he shares range from his earliest gigs to recovering decades of unpaid royalties from his recording company. Based on journals he’s kept throughout his life, Change of Seasons contains never-before-shared anecdotes—and pictures—from a life lived on the road and in the studio.

Hit songs like “She’s Gone,” “Maneater,” and “Out of Touch” are instantly recognizable. Behind these songs, however, were years of highs and lows. Oates reveals the work it took to secure a recording contract with Atlantic Records, and details the struggles in keeping up with a pop music industry that was constantly changing. Oates’ focus was always on creating great music, but navigating the business side required an entirely different set of skills. Change of Seasons is John Oates in his entirety—his personal life and his life on stage. From opening for David Bowie on his first American tour to having Hunter S. Thompson for a neighbor, Oates’ story is full of larger than life characters.

John Oates grew up outside of Philadelphia in the early ‘50s. At Temple University, he met fellow musician Daryl Hall. Since the two formed Hall & Oates in the early ‘70s, they have recorded 21 albums which have sold over 60 million records, making them the most successful duo in rock history. He has recorded six solo albums and the 2015 DVD docu-concert Another Good Road. John lives in Nashville.

Chris Epting is an author and award-winning journalist who has written for many publications including The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Loudwire.