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Watch: The Foo Fighters and Rick Astley Perform "Never Gonna Give You Up" via Nirvana

by VVN Music

We'll be the first to admit this little performance totally passed below our radar when it occurred last August.

The Foo Fighters were performing at the Summer Sonic Festival in Tokyo when Dave Grohl met Rick Astley for the first time.

Astley explained the occasion on the podcast Kyle Meredith With... through Consequence of Sound:

It just all went nuts. Dave Grohl came over and said hello, gave me a hug, said hello, and then a half hour later he’s inviting me onto the stage. I never met them, I have no idea why he’d invite me onstage. I didn’t know what it was all about. And then he just kind of whispered and said, ‘We’re doing your tune, but we’re gonna do it like Teen Spirit,’ and that was it. And off we went.

It wasn’t like they asked me first or our managers got in touch, there was none of that. It was just, ‘Hey, there’s that guy, I wonder if he wants to do that,’ and we did. All credit to them, because they didn’t know I wasn’t gonna go out there and fall apart and be drunk or whatever.

The performance as shot from the audience:

Then, a month later, they did it again at the 02 Arena in London:

Here's the full interview: