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The Thompson Twins' Tom Bailey to Return to Pop Music on New Album

by VVN Music

Over the last couple of decades, Tom Bailey of the Thompson Twins has been involved in a wide variety of music styles including dub and world music but he has not recorded anything that would be considered "pop".

Bailey is putting the finishing touches on a brand new album, Science Fiction, which will be his return to the pop genre.

Tom said "I so much enjoyed playing concerts around the world over the last couple of years, that I began working behind the scenes on writing, recording and mixing the songs in this collection. As you know, I have concentrated on other areas of music for the past couple of decades – but I find it incredibly rewarding to be making pop music again. There’s something so special about the way this kind of music works and, for me, it’s like finding a long lost friend."

The album is currently up for pre-order via a PledgeMusic page where the set can be ordered on CD, a special limited edition media-book CD, standard vinyl and clear vinyl.

Bailey was originally trained as a classical pianist and even taught the instrument for a number of years in his late teens.  In April 1977, he formed the Thompson Twins as, originally, a new wave group before they took on a more traditional pop sound. Between 1983 and 1985, the group had eight top twenty hits in the U.K. and four in the U.S. including "Hold Me Now", "Doctor! Doctor!", "Lay Your Hands on Me" and "King For a Day".

After the Thompson Twins broke up in 1993, he formed the band Babble with former bandmate Alannah Currie.  Their second album, Ether (1996) was the last pop music that Bailey recorded before now.