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The Searchers Will Play Their Final Show Next March

by VVN Music

Add another artist to the growing number who are going into retirement.

The Searchers have announced that a March 31, 2019 will be the last for the group. Frank Allen, who has been a member since 1964, made the announcement in the new Searchers Newsletter, saying that he and John McNally, who has been a member since their 1957 start, made the decision for a number of reasons.

For Allen, it was the travel but much more than just being away from home. "...for some time I have become increasingly weary of the travelling side of the life we have led for more than five decades. It reached the point where I no longer wanted to get in a car. When I am at home I drive only if I have to. If I dine out in London I take the tube these days. A few paltry local miles a day when necessary is enough for my needs and if or when I eventually downsize to a new home it will be within walking distance of an underground station."

He did suggest that McNally carry on with the group and just replace him but, with John being 76, "I don`t think he has the heart to take on such new responsibilities at this time of life. It`s a shame. I think he could have presented the band in a different way and make a great success of it."

The two originally decided to close thing up by the end of 2018 but further discussions between McNally and their promoter, Alan Field, added a final solo tour which went through the end of March of the next year. Even a very lucrative final tour of Australia had to be turned down.

The decision has also been made to not sell the name or licence it to any other musicians, just in case they want to, no matter how short of a time, come out of retirement.

Allen finished "So let`s look on the bright side. We still have nearly a year to go during which we can all look back on some wonderful times and enjoy a few more evenings together. John and I, along with Spencer [James, who joined in 1986] and Scott [Ottaway, who joined in 2010] of course, hope to see you at another concert very soon. Let`s make this final year something special."

The Searchers originally formed as out of a Liverpool area skiffle group in 1959 by McNally and Mike Pender. They had their first hit with "Sweets For My Sweet" (1963 / #1 U.K.) and went on to hit the U.K. top ten with "Sugar and Spice" (1963 / #2 U.K. / #44 U.S.), "Needles and Pins" (1964 / #1 U.K. / #13 U.S.), "Don't Throw Your Love Away" (1964 / #1 U.K. / #16 U.S.), "When You Walk In the Room" (1964 / #3 U.K. / #35 U.S.) and "Goodbye My Love" (1965 / #4 U.K. / #52 U.S.). In America, their only top ten was "Love Potion No. 9" (1964 / #3 U.S.).


johnnyone said…
Sad to see them go, but they leave behind some great tunes and lots of memories. I hope the final tour includes Vancouver BC or Seattle. Best of luck guys!