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Set List: Radiohead Opens Their 2018 Tour in Santiago, Chile

by VVN Music

It's been two years since Radiohead released their ninth studio album, A Moon Shaped Pool, so the time has given them the freedom to play music from throughout their career.

That tour opened on Wednesday (April 11) night at Estadio Nacional in Santiago, Chile with a 26-song/two-encore show. Every one of their albums were represented except their 1993 debut Pablo Honey.

Music from A Moon Shaped Pool dropped to just four tracks compared to eight during the first year of the tour. Instead they hit five tracks from each of the albums OK Computer and In Rainbows.

Main Set
  • Daydreaming (from A Moon Shaped Pool, 2016)
  • Ful Stop (from A Moon Shaped Pool, 2016)
  • Airbag (from OK Computer, 1997)
  • Myxomatosis (from Hail to the Thief, 2003)
  • Where I End and You Begin (from Hail to the Thief, 2003)
  • All I Need (from In Rainbows, 2007)
  • Pyramid Song (from Amnesiac, 2001)
  • Everything in Its Right Place (from Kid A, 2000)
  • Let Down (from OK Computer, 1997)
  • Street Spirit (Fade Out) (from The Bends, 1995)
  • Bloom (from The King of Limbs, 2011)
  • Identikit (from A Moon Shaped Pool, 2016)
  • Weird Fishes/Arpeggi (from In Rainbows, 2007)
  • The Numbers (from A Moon Shaped Pool, 2016)
  • 2 + 2 = 5 (from Hail to the Thief, 2003)
  • Bodysnatchers (from In Rainbows, 2007)
  • Idioteque (from Kid A, 2000)
Encore 1
  • Fake Plastic Trees (from The Bends, 1995)
  • The Bends (from The Bends, 1995)
  • Feral (from The King of Limbs, 2011)
  • Lotus Flower (from The King of Limbs, 2011)
  • Exit Music (for a Film) (from OK Computer, 1997)
  • Reckoner (from In Rainbows, 2007)
Encore 2
  • Nude (from In Rainbows, 2007)
  • Paranoid Android (from OK Computer, 1997)
  • Karma Police (from OK Computer, 1997)