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Richie Sambora Enjoying Bon Jovi Reunion But Has Other Plans For the Future

by VVN Music

It's as if there was never any bad blood between Richie Sambora and Jon Bon Jovi.

When Sambora left the band in 2013, it was never clear why the split occurred but it was known that there was some bad blood between the two artists.  Since then, Bon Jovi has continued along with their recording and very successful touring while Sambora has forged a musical and personal union with guitarist Orianthi who previously played with everyone from Michael Jackson to Alice Cooper.

Sambora and another former member of Bon Jovi, Alec John Such, have been rehearsing with the band for their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next Saturday (April 14) in Cleveland and, from Richie's view, it's been going really well.  He tells Billboard:

We played live to millions of people over 31 years. Do I miss it? No -- but the memories are good. It feels great to see everybody. We already rehearsed and it was wonderful, it wasn't awkward. The chemistry came back very quickly; it’s matrixed into our muscle memory at this point. If you’re on the road performing and touring for 30 years, [the Rock Hall ceremony] is just another cycle -- and it’s a good one, so here we go.

Outside of this week's ceremony, Sambora and Orianthi have their first full length album, Radio Free America, coming out next month (May). According to Richie, the album is a combination of their two EPs along with a few new songs.  Orianthi added that the album is very diverse. "We’re both blues-based players. I love country music because of the storytelling aspect of it, so we have a bit of country going on there, rock, elements of pop -- all different stuff. It’s a journey, in a way. I just hope people dig it."

You can take in the whole Sambora/Orianthi interview at Billboard.