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Nils Lofgren's Guitars Have Been Returned

by VVN Music

On Friday, Nils Lofgren tweeted that a number of his prized guitars had been stolen from a van outside the hotel where he was staying at the beginning of his new solo tour.

"I’m am devastated by this robbery. These are my first shows out after a very difficult year. Please consider a retweet. Alas, the show must go on. @KesslerTheater it won’t be the show I was planning on. However I do plan on taking the roof off."

He went on to say that he "picked these guitars for this particular tour. Solo shows. Every tour is different."

As of today (April 2), all is well in the Lofgren camp as the four guitars have been returned by police. 

The Dallas Police Department wrote on Twitter "Nils Lofgren's guitars have been recovered and an arrest has been made. More details to follow." 

Lofgren's wife also announced the recovery, saying :A Good Samaritan, a police sting, handcuffs, guns drawn. People are under arrest. We never lost hope. Crime doesn’t pay. Thank you all."

Nils, himself, was also extremely thankful. "Thank you all. This has been an unbelievable weekend. Looks like my guitars are coming back to me. Thank you to my crew who had to do double time, just so I could walk on stage. Fellow musicians who lovingly offered their own guitars."

Lofgren next plays Yoshi's in Oakland, CA on April 12 and goes to Europe in mid-May for a tour that takes him through the end of the month.