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New Prince Album Coming in the Fall; Two New Websites; Heirs Sue Walgreens & Hospital

by VVN Music

It has been said there was a wealth of new music in Prince's vaults when he died two years ago and it looks like we'll be hearing some this September.

Troy Carter of Atom Factory is the man in charge of the vault and has spent the last year going through the wealth of material available, saying there are "decades of music and video and artifacts"

Last week, the original version of "Nothing Compares 2 U" was released to the public in a video that included archived rehearsal footage.  According to Carter, that is going to be followed up with the first album of unheard material this coming fall. He said in an interview with Variety, "This will be more time-specific. Michael Howe, who’s been working with us on the archive, has done a tremendous job of finding some special pieces of work, and one of the pieces that he found, all of us fell in love with it and decided this was special enough for fans to hear. So we’re putting the final touches on it — it’ll come in the fall."

Also new are two websites on Prince. The first, The Prince Estate, is a detailed discography with information on each of his albums, hits collections, live albums and LPs produced by Prince. The other, Prince2Me, gives fans a chance to express their thoughts on the singer.

Finally, Prince's heirs have decided to sue Walgreens and the Illinois hospital where Prince was treated after he suffered an opioid overdose while flying home from a concert date.

Walgreens has been named in the suit for "dispensing prescription medications not valid for a legitimate medical purpose".

Trinity Medical Center in Moline, IL are said to be complicit in Prince's death "as a direct and proximate cause of one or more ... deviations from the standards of care".

No charges were brought against any entity in Prince's death. According to the suit, the singer refused treatment at the Moline facility but a pill that he had was examined and determined to be Vicodin. It is alleged that, because the hospital did not do further tests on the pill, that they missed that the medicine was, most likely, counterfeit and laced with Fentanyl. The latter, which is an extremely powerful opioid, was found in Prince's body in an examination after his death.