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Chuck Negron's New Edition of "Three Dog Nightmare: The Chuck Negron Story" is Out Today

by VVN Music

The true story of Chuck Negron as he fell from the height of worldwide fame and success in Three Dog Night, to the depths of delusion, despair and almost death and rose again to stardom and stability is more than an interesting glimpse into the rock star lifestyle.

The new edition of Three Dog Nightmare: The Chuck Negron Story features 11 new chapters, over 100 new photos and is available as of today (April 16).

"The perception that fame and fortune entitle a person to be protected from the darker side of life and the entertainment industry is a misconception," said Negron. "This is my raw narrative of being enslaved by the demons I faced and overpowering desire to turn my life around."

"This amazing true story of Negron, Three Dog Night, the world’s most popular pop band (at the time) and his incredible journey through the fame, drugs and tribulations of the era. He’s one of the lucky ones to come out fine on the other side (although, there were a few near death experiences along the way)," said Brent Harvey, Executive Producer Hollywood Music In Media Awards."I found this to be a VERY entertaining read."

The journey of Chuck Negron is self-destructive in places, uplifting in others, documented in eleven new tell-all chapters and includes over 100 new photographs. You will be captivated by the honest interpretation about what was happening behind the scenes shared by the former voice of Three Dog Night himself.

Negron grew up in the Bronx and sang in local doo wop groups.  In 1967, he was asked by Danny Hutton to join with Cory Wells to form Three Dog Night. The rare case of a rock group having three lead singers, they switched off on lead depending on the song with Negron singing such hits as "Joy to the World", "One", "Easy to Be Hard" and "An Old Fashioned Love Song". 

For almost two decades, Negron was addicted to heroin before finally kicking the habit in 1991. He has since released a number of solo albums.