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Barry Manilow Sued For Using Judy Garland Film Clip in Promos and Shows

by VVN Music

Barry Manilow has been challenged over his use of a film clip with Judy Garland singing "Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart".

Manilow recorded the song for his 2014 album My Dream Duets that saw him singing with a number of dead artists including Frankie Lymon, Mama Cass, Whitney Houston, John Denver, Andy Williams and Dusty Springfield.

While there have been no repercussions over the recording, indicating he received the proper licensing, one Darryl Payne is claiming that a film of Garland singing the original My Dream Duets song was used in promo video in and at least 68 Manilow shows, according to TMZ.

Payne claims that he is the owner of the film clip and wants him to stop using the video and pay profits from its use.

When My Dream Duets came out, it went to number 4, the highest chart spot for a Manilow album in seven years.