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A New Documentary on Sly Stone is Going Into Production

by VVN Music

Network Media Group and Network Entertainment have announced that they have acquired the rights to make a documentary on Sly Stone.

The new film is being made with the cooperation of the normally reclusive Stone who has already sat down for an interview with the filmmakers.

Network founder and C.E.O. Derik Murray said "In the annals of pop music, certain artists are more than just innovators and more than just icons. Certain artists are avatars – the manifestation of an idea. For Sly Stone, that idea was to create a diverse band that embraced a kaleidoscope of musical and cultural styles that stand unparalleled to this day."

Sly and the Family Stone were among the first artists to combine R&B with psychedelia in what is now called funk music.  The group was made up of multi-racial members who played a wide variety of instruments.

Co-executive producer Ron Weisner said "This collaboration with legendary artist Sly Stone will deliver an epic and important film in the history of popular music. After refusing the spotlight for decades, Sly has finally opened up to share his amazing story on camera about everything: life, love and music."

Stone’s long time representative and Co-Executive Producer, Robert Allan, added “Sly felt it was the right time for him to return to the spotlight and share his incredible journey with the world, and Sly is confident that Derik Murray and Network Entertainment are the best fit to artfully and respectfully tell his legendary story."

Along with Stone's interview, the film will also include rare live footage, television interviews and new talks from a wide variety of associates.