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Stryper Tells the World Why It's About to Get Even Harder For Artists

by VVN Music

Christian hard rockers Stryper have gone on social media to try and get their fans used to a whole new way to buy their albums.

The band has their twelfth studio release, God Damned Evil, coming on April 20 but people will not be able to buy it the way they may have in the past.  Target remains in negotiations with record companies on selling their albums on a consignment basis (Target doesn't pay until the album is sold) and, as Stryper points out, Best Buy is about to do away with CDs entirely although they will keep vinyl for a couple of years.

Stryper wrote:

Unfortunately Bestbuy will not be carrying the new Stryper album since they're winding down the sales of cd's (June). So, the new album is available at iTunes Store and all your local chains (FYE Newbury Comics). Below is a link to Amazon - preorder today and reserve your copy. Thank you all for supporting what we do in this very turbulent time in music. You literally allow us to do what we do by purchasing a copy of any album we do. Thank you and God Bless­čÖĆ

Stryper is a well established band who released their first album in 1984 and placing all eleven of their previous studio efforts on the charts.  Their biggest have been To Hell With the Devil (1986) and In God We Trust (1988), both of which peaked at number 32 but even their last album, Fallen (2015), did well making it to number 44.

The question for Stryper and many artists, both established and new, is how to get the product in the hands of their fans when so many stores have gone out of business and the remaining big box stores are either doing away with their music sections or cutting back to only the very biggest releases.  Not everyone will do downloads and streaming seems to be the realm of the young, so that leaves on-line sales and independent stores, if you are lucky enough to still have one in your area.