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Set List: Gilbert O'Sullivan Plays 31 Songs at Australian Show

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

Gilbert O’Sullivan delivered 31 songs live at his first Sydney show ever in Sydney on the weekend.

It is amazing to consider that O’Sullivan is touring Australia for the very first time to mark the 50th anniversary of his first release, a song called ‘Disappear’ that appears three songs into the set.

Gilbert O’Sullivan was known as Ray O’Sullivan for that first release. His manager Gordon Mills changed his name to Gilbert O’Sullivan following the partner of naming his clients after historic figures. Mills’ other clients were Gerry Dorsey, who he called Engelbert Humperdinck and Thomas Woodward, who he called Tom Jones.

While O’Sullivan got through 30 plus songs he did leave out one hit. ‘Ooh Baby’, a US, UK and Australian hit song from 1973, wasn’t in the setlist.

Gilbert O’Sullivan set list Sydney:
  • Thunder And Lightning (from Himself, 1971)
  • Make My Day (from Piano Foreplay, 2003)
  • Disappear (debut single as Ray O’Sullivan, 1967)
  • Nothing Rhymed (from Himself, 1971)
  • I Didn’t Know What to Do (from Greatest Hits, 1977)
  • Out Of The Question (from Back To Front, 1972)
  • Miss My Love Today (from Southpaw, 1977)
  • I Don’t Love You but I Think I Like You (single, 1975)
  • Where Would We Be (Without Tea) (from Gilbertville, 2011)
  • Who Was It? (from Back To Front, 1972)
  • We Will (from Himself, 1971)
  • So What (from Frobisher Drive, 1987)
  • Houdini Said (from Himself, 1971)
  • Where Peaceful Waters Flow (from I’m A Writer, Not A Fighter, 1973)
  • Ooh Wakka Doo Wakka Day (single, 1972)
  • Clair (from Back To Front, 1972)
  • You Got Me Going (from Southpaw, 1977)
  • A Friend Of Mine (from I’m A Writer, Not A Fighter, 1973)
  • No Matter How I Try (The Best of Gilbert O’Sullivan Live In Japan, 1995)
  • Can’t Think Straight [Video duet with Peggy Lee] (from Sounds of the Loop, 1993)
  • Or So They Say (from Off Centre, 1980)
  • Because of You (from By Larry, 1994)
  • Why Oh Why Oh Why (from Greatest Hits, 1977)
  • Hold on to What You Got (from By Larry, 1994)
  • Happiness Is Me And You (from A Stranger In My Own Backyard, 1974)
  • You Are You (from A Stranger In My Own Backyard, 1974)
  • Hablando del Rey de Roma (frm Latina ala G, 2015)
  • What’s In A Kiss (from Off Centre, 1980)
  • Alone Again (Naturally) (from Himself, 1971)
  • Matrimony (from Himself, 1971)
  • Get Down (from I’m A Writer, Not A Fighter, 1973)