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Set List: The Eagles Open Their 2018 Tour in Indianapolis

by VVN Music

The tour that nobody thought would happen with the Eagles opened on Monday (March 12) night in Indianapolis.

When Glenn Frey died in January of 2016, the general consensus was that the Eagles were done. Members of the band played the Grammys that year with Jackson Browne in salute to Frey but, in July of last year, they came out of their hiatus with new members Deacon Frey (son of Glenn) and Country Music Hall of Fame member Vince Gill to stun the crowd at the Classic East and West Festivals. They followed with seven more shows before the end of the year.

Now, they have opened a tour that will see them play over 50 shows over the next six months from coast-to-coast with a setlist that starts and ends the same as their 2017 shows but mixes things up in the middle.  Out is just one song, The Last Resort.  In it's place are six new ones, "How Long", "Ol' '55", I Don't Want to Hear Anymore" and "Victim of Love" along with the James Gang's "Walk Away" and Vince Gills "Next Big Thing".

They also gave plenty of spotlight to the new members of the band with Frey taking lead on four songs and Gill singing on six along with his own solo hit.

In all, the show was 28 songs and two hours and 45 minutes long.

The set list:

Main Set
  • Seven Bridges Road (from Eagles Live, 1980)
  • Take It Easy (from Eagles, 1972) *
  • One of These Nights (from One Of These Nights, 1975)
  • Take It to the Limit (from One Of These Nights, 1975) **
  • Tequila Sunrise (from Desperado, 1973) **
  • Witchy Woman (from Eagles, 1972)
  • In the City (from The Long Run, 1979)
  • I Can't Tell You Why (from The Long Run, 1979)
  • How Long (from Long Road Out of Eden, 2007) *
  • Ol' '55 (from On The Border, 1974) **
  • Peaceful Easy Feeling (from Eagles, 1972) *
  • Best of My Love (from On The Border, 1974)
  • New Kid in Town (from Hotel California, 1976) **
  • Love Will Keep Us Alive (from Hell Freezes Over, 1994)
  • Lyin' Eyes (from One Of These Nights, 1975) **
  • Next Big Thing (from Vince Gill's Next Big Thing, 2003) 
  • I Don't Want to Hear Anymore (from Long Road Out of Eden, 2007)
  • Those Shoes (from The Long Run, 1979) 
  • Already Gone (from On The Border, 1974) *
  • Victim of Love (from Hotel California, 1976)
  • Walk Away (from the James Gang's Thirds, 1971)
  • Heartache Tonight (With Bob Seger) (from The Long Run, 1979) **
  • Life's Been Good (from Joe Walsh's But Seriously Folks, 1978)
  • Funk #49 (from the James Gangs' James Gang Rides Again, 1970)
  • Life in the Fast Lane (from Hotel California, 1976)
Encore 1
  • Hotel California (from Hotel California, 1976)
Encore 2
  • Rocky Mountain Way (from Joe Walsh's The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get, 1973)
  • Desperado (from Desperado, 1973)