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Ryan Adams Has Eleven New Tracks Ready to Go

by VVN Music

It's now been just over a year since the last Ryan Adams album.  That's not an extraordinary time for most artists but for Adams, who released eight studio albums between 2000 and 2005, that's an eternity.

It may not be too soon before Adams has his follow-up to 2017's Prisoner as he has said that there are eleven tracks almost in the can.

All this month, Ryan has been posting regular updates on his work in the studio.  Just one week ago, on March 2, he said that two tracks were complete but there were still nine to go.

Then, earlier today (March 8), he reported in that all eleven are done.

Adams had previously revealed that he was recording with guitarist Todd Wisenbaker, drummer Aaron Ficca, bassist/engineer Charlie Stavish and keyboardist T’Ben “Mahoney” Alleman.
The new release, whenever it officially comes out, will be Adams' seventeenth studio album since 2000 along with three that he recorded with Whiskeytown between 1995 and 2001. His most recent included Ryan Adams (2014 / #4), the full cover of Taylor Swift's 1989 (2015 / #7) and Prisoner (2017 / #8). There was also a live album, Live at Carnegie Hall (2015 / #113) mixed in.