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New on Video: Juliana Hatfield Gets "Physical", Cornell Sings Cash and Kid Rock's "Rock 'n Roll"

by VVN Music

It's hard enough to find a place to see music videos in this day and age and its exponentially harder to see those by veteran artists.  That's why we've decided to occasionally feature new videos (not lyric or promo but good old fashioned music videos) by the artists that we cover. 

Juliana Hatfield - "Physical"

Juliana Hatfield has a brand new album coming on April 13 where she covers music from one of her idols, Olivia Newton-John.

Hatfield has released the video for the song "Physical" of which she says:

Olivia Newton-John’s lusty “Physical” is a groovy, bouncy song, but my take on it is darker, more aggro, because I don’t think of lust as fun or funny; I think it’s dangerous and disruptive and mostly unwelcome. So that is my interpretation of “Physical”: the human condition is a bummer, and desire a frustrating impediment to serenity. My visual take on the song is not as conceptual as Olivia’s 1981 colorful workout video. Mine is more of an impressionistic exploration of my own awkward and self-conscious physicality (especially self-conscious in front of the camera/other people).

Chris Cornell - "You Never Knew My Mind"

The late Chris Cornell recorded his version of a Johnny Cash poem, "You Never Knew My Mind", shortly before he committed suicide in May 2017.  The song is part of the Johnny Cash: Forever Words project which sees numerous artists contributing music to Cash's leftover poems and lyrics including Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, Alison Krauss, Rosanne Cash, John Mellencamp and Elvis Costello.

Kid Rock - "American Rock 'n Roll"

Kid Rock released his album Sweet Southern Sugar last November and has now chosen the track "American Rock 'n Roll" as the fourth single from the set.