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Musician and Songwriter For George Jones Suing His Estate

by VVN Music

The George Jones estate, specifically his wife Nancy Jones, and the Concord Music Group.

The dispute is over a posthumous release from 2017, George Jones and the Smokey Mountain Boys.  Earl "Peanutt" Montgomery is claiming that he was the producer of the album and, in an agreement with Jones, he would own the recordings.

Montgomery and Jones were friends and musical associates who played and wrote songs together.  The music on the album was recorded during the 70's but was not released because of Jones' various record company obligations and negotiations.

According to the suit, which was obtained by Pollstar, the album was supposed to be Montgomery's "retirement package" and that Nancy Jones had been maneuvering to gain control of the tapes even while Jones was still alive.

The suit goes on to say that, after Jones' death, Nancy "sold all assets relating to George Jones, including his name and likeness, the George Jones Museum, intellectual property, and the master recordings of George Jones and The Smoky Mountain Boys (which she did not own) to Defendant Concord Bicycle Assets, LLC for a sum reported to be in excess of $30 million."

He is seeking $500,000 in damages plus all profits, legal fees and $4.5 million in punitive damages.