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It's Another Ticket Bundle Hit: Metallica's "Hardwired" is Top Selling Album For the Week

by VVN Music

A couple of weeks ago it was Bon Jovi and this week it's Metallica getting the top selling album with the majority of sales coming from ticket bundling.

The relatively new phenomenon sees people redeeming vouchers for an artist's latest album which they received with a ticket purchase.  The chart companies count these as actual sales even though they were part of a larger purchase.

Metallica's Self Destruct "sold" 64,500 albums last week compared to second place Scotty McCreery, who had to move product the old fashioned way, who only moved 37,500.

Unlike Bon Jovi, though, Metallica will not get the number 1 spot on the Billboard 200 as there was little gain from streaming, a second factor in determining overall sales.  1,500 streams of any song from an album equals the "sale" of one unit according to record industry methodology.

Because of streaming, XXXTentacion will have the number 1 album for the week with ?, an album that only sold 20,600 copies but had its number boosted to 133,500 due to almost 170 million song streams.

Metallica, on the other hand, picked up little in streaming, boosting their total from 64,500 to 66,250. They will, most likely, come in at 2 on the final chart.

Stone Temple Pilots sold 16,800 copies of their self-titled new album according to Hits, to make it the sixth biggest seller of the week but, with only a boost of about a thousand from streaming, will see it debut in the low-teens.

As for last week's 1-2-3 punch of David Byrne, Judas Priest and Jimi Hendrix, the blessing and/or curse of the ticket bundle once again hits as Byrne's American Utopia, whose top selling status was enhanced by a ticket package redemption, falls out of the top fifty selling albums of the week.

Hendrix actually fared the best, dropping from number 3 (sales only) to number 8 while Priest fell from 2 to 10. Neither gained enough from streaming to make the overall top 50.

The new Snoop Dogg album, which sees the rapper expand into the gospel market, only sold 3,000 units putting it at 39 on the sales chart and nowhere near the top 50 with streaming added in.

Final charts will be out on Tuesday.