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Glen Campbell's Estate Sued by Wife, Three Children

by VVN Music

The estate of Glen Campbell appears to be in a bit of disarray.

Campbell, who died August 8, 2017 at the age of 81 after suffering from Alzheimer's disease, has a number of family members who are disputing their access to the estate.

First up was his fourth and last wife, Kimberly, who helped him through the final years of his life. She filed a claim last Thursday (March 8) in a Nashville Probate Court looking to recover $506,380.93 from the estate to reimburse her for costs associated with Campbell's care in the final years of his life including assisted living charges, medical and care expenses, a security fence around his home and legal costs and fees.

Also in the request is an additional $14,246 in reimbursements paid by an insurance company for repairs to their California home which she claims were paid to the estate in error instead of to a family trust that owns the property.

Back in December, three of his children from his second marriage, Kelli, William and Wesley, filed a legal challenge to Campbell's will which excluded them from receiving anything from the estate.

Campbell had been married four times and had eight children, five sons and three daughters.