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Father of Britney Spears Considering Ending His Conservatorship After Ten Years

by Newsdesk

Britney Spears' father Jamie is reportedly looking into ending his conservatorship of the singer.

Following the 36-year-old singer's infamous meltdown in 2007, Jamie and Britney's attorney Andrew M. Wallet were given control of her assets including all finances.

However, now that Britney appears to have her life back on track, with her Piece of Me Tour set to kick off on July 12 in Washington D.C., Jamie has apparently started the process of inquiring about his daughter, a mother of two, regaining control of her finances and personal life.

"Jamie is actively consulting with Britney’s medical team to determine if the conservatorship of Britney as the person should finally come to an end,” an insider told Us Weekly. "It’s just a question of timing as she is about to begin the tour, so the thinking is to do it at the conclusion."

Britney's tour will finish in England on September 1, after the star has traveled across North America and Europe.

According to a previous report in The New York Times newspaper, Jamie is paid $130,000 (£100,000) per year by Britney to manage her affairs, while every purchase the singer makes is documented in court papers in a bid to safeguard her fortune.

During an interview with The New York Times in May 2016, Britney's ex-boyfriend David Lucado said the singer no longer needs a conservator, telling the publication: "If anyone knew the real Britney, they would know that she would rather be remembered for being the great mother she is rather than the artist she is. And if anyone could see her interactions with her kids, they would know that there is no need for a conservatorship over Britney’s personal life."

However, a representative for the singer told New York Post gossip column Page Six in April 2017 that she was happy with the situation.

"She is great... has shows in Asia and Tel Aviv coming up and is very happy," they said.