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Don McLean Takes Shots at #MeToo Movement and Police Brutality

by VVN Music it too soon?

It was just two years ago that Don McLean was arrested for domestic assault against his wife along with terrorizing when he refused to let her call 911 during the incident.  He ended up pleading guilty although he continues to say he was not the bad guy in the situation.

Recently, McLean talked to WFPK in Louisville, KY where he talked about Hollywood and the #MeToo movement.

There’s a lot of disingenuousness around now. I think it was more sincere when we were dealing with our friends and buddies being killed in Vietnam. To have people in Hollywood all dressing in black as if they’ve suddenly discovered the casting couch after 60 years is a laugh.

He also seems to have a problem with police brutality.  When asked about if he would write a song about the #MeToo problem, he said that he would rather work on something that was "going to last".

If you were going to write a political song, a topical song, I think a more important one would be about police brutality… That would be a more interesting topic than some of this other stuff.

McLean is currently finishing a U.S. tour with appearances on both costs before moving on to the United Kingdom at the end of April through mid-June.