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Two of Barbara Streisand's Dogs Are Clones of Her Previous Pet, Says No Netflix Series

by VVN Music

Welcome to the Island of Dr. Moreau.

Well, it's not quite that bad but Barbra Streisand has revealed to Variety that two of her three dogs are clones of her beloved Samantha who died last year.

Cells were taken from Samantha's mouth and stomach to clone the dogs but Streisand says that they are still their own canines.

“They have different personalities. I’m waiting for them to get older so I can see if they have her brown eyes and her seriousness."

Streisand also had many choice remarks about President Donald Trump. "He embodies the nasty remarks he makes about other people. He’s a liar. He’s crooked."

Barbra also said there is no truth to the reports that she would be starring in Ryan Murphy's Netflix series "The Politician" although she did say that she is still trying to put together Skinny and Cat, about Life magazine photographer Margaret Bourke-White. She also continues to have an interest in acting in a film on Sarah Bernhardt and the long talked about remake of Gypsy with Barbra as Mama Rose.