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Tommy Roe Retires

by VVN Music

On Wednesday (February 7), Tommy Roe announced his retirment.

Today I am announcing my retirement. I have so many great memories of the music and of my fans who have supported me through the years. Fifty five years to be exact.. What a gift it has been for me to share this time with you. I hope my music will continue to bring a smile to your hearts and joy to your life. With Ron’s help, I will stay in touch through our Facebook page. But for now I am stepping out of the spotlight from scheduled concerts and interviews. Thank you again for your loyal support. I love you all, and may God Bless you.


Roe had his first number 1 record in 1962 with "Sheila" and went on the road with Chris Montez and a then just starting Beatles.  Roe and Montez were the headliners on that tour of the U.K. but, less than a year later, Roe would find himself opening for the Fab Four at their first U.S. concert in Washington.

Over a decade, Roe scored six top ten hits in the U.S. with "Sheila" (1962 / #1), "Everybody" (1963 / #3), "Hooray For Hazel" (1966 / #6), "Sweet Pea" (1966 / #8), "Dizzy" (1969 / #1) and "Jam Up and Jelly Tight" (1970 / #8).  His "The Folk Singer" was also a hit in the U.K. (1963 / #4 U.K. / #84 U.S.).

Less than two weeks ago, we republished our 2012 interview with Roe: