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The Zombies Bring In Danish Bass Player Soren Koch to Replace the Late Jim Rodford

by VVN Music

The Zombies are about to head out on their latest U.S. tour, their first since the death of the long time bass player and collaborator Jim Rodford.

On Saturday (February 17), Rod Argent announced that Danish bassist Soren Koch would be their new bass player.

It is with obvious mixed feelings that The Zombies are just about to embark on our latest U.S. tour, after the numbing and shattering loss of our dear friend and bass anchor, Jim Rodford.

Jim is irreplaceable, but his wife Jean and son Steve were immediately insistent that we must carry on and not falter.... and we have now had the great good fortune, after a glowing recommendation, to have been introduced to a terrific Danish bass player, Soren Koch -“Kooks”. After a fine audition a few days ago, where Soren played and sang beautifully, our management team of Chris and Cindy swung into action, and it seems they now have narrowly accomplished the enormously demanding task of getting the relevant visa and work permits in time .... and we should be opening on our first night in New York as planned ....

We are really lucky that Soren is not only a fine musician and a lovely guy, but also a huge Zombies fan: he loves our recorded output, old and new, and he travelled across from Denmark recently purely to catch us at our autumn Palladium show in London...

It’s going to be surreal for us, after being so used to Jim driving the rhythm section for more than eighteen years, to be without him on stage: but you can be sure we’ll give everything we have to perform to the standard that Jim would demand ... and I know that everyone of us in our minds will be dedicating each night’s show to the great Jim Rodford. Rod xx

Soren became a musician over his love of the Beatles and recorded for the first time in 1990 with the band Dans Moderne.  He's since been part of C.B. & the Tranquilizers, the Marie Frank Band and Beat the Meetles where he gladly took on the role of George Harrison.