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The Rascals' Eddie Brigati Doing Monthly Show at New York's Cutting Room

by VVN Music

Eddie Brigati, one of the founding members of the Rascals (Young Rascals) is becoming a cabaret act, at least if you take into account where he's performing.

Brigati has signed on to do a monthly show at New York's Cutting Room starting March 1 mixing the songs of the Rascals with a few Broadway selections. Eddie Brigati: After the Rascals is being produced by Steven and Maureen Van Zandt.

Steven has been a huge fan of the Rascals all of his life.  In 2013, he and his wife produced The Rascals: Once Upon a Dream for a fourteen show run at the Richard Rodgers Theatre on Broadway. For that production, archival footage and photos were used to tell the story of the group, mixed with their live performance.

Brigati spoke with Broadway World, telling them how his new show came about:

The Van Zandts arranged all of it. Steven has always been a Rascal fan. I think he and Bruce [Springsteen] went to a concert as teenagers before they knew each other down in South Jersey. I've been given this opportunity by Steven and Maureen to express my opinion in this quiet and controlled environment. I can express all these little stories about people trying to get somewhere or accomplish something in some cases even escape something in their lives.

As far as the reason for the show:

I'm almost an adult now and it's a retrospect of my life through storytelling. It includes the Rascal records and then Maureen had the grace to suggest some Broadway songs and to my pleasure it added another dimension. It's theatrical, it includes monologues, it almost feels like a musical.

In addition, Steven Van Zandt wrote a song for the show, "Eddie's Song".

Eddie Brigati: After the Rascals is scheduled for Thursday, March 1, April 5 and May 2 starting each night at 7:30 PM.