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The Estate of John Denver Starts Patreon Page to Give Fans Rare Content

by VVN Music

The estate of the late-John Denver have started a Patreon page to create an online museum for exclusive content.

According to the page:

Welcome to the John Denver Patreon Page, approved by and run by John Denver's Estate on behalf of his three children. We hope to build a home here for building his community and to preserve his artistic legacy. We'll share monthly rewards including unreleased music, rare photos of John, images of memorabilia with accompanying stories, photographs taken by John in his travels, and more. Patreon members will receive exclusive offers and first notice of special projects and releases.

What is Patreon and Why Is John Denver’s Estate Launching a Page?

Patreon is a Membership platform that makes it easy for creators to offer exclusive content to their fans in exchange for a small monthly pledge. We’ve decided to build a “virtual museum” of John’s work on Patreon so that his most dedicated fans can get access to his personal photographs, previously unreleased recordings, and other special content. The collection will be carefully curated and new content will be released each month. Patreon also serves as a community space, where fans can comment and share their experiences around John’s music and art.

Each month, one dollar from every Patron's monthly subscription will be donated to environmental causes John would have supported. The more we grow the community of Patrons, the more John’s spirit and activism will live on and continue to positively impact the world.
This is the first time since Denver's death twenty-one years ago that the estate has offered a "curated monthly subscription service with exciting content at very low monthly fees."

There are two levels of membership.  For $7 per month, you will gain access to rare recordings.  Currently, that level can hear Denver performing live in Berlin on May 16, 1992.

At the $12 per month level, fans will get the music from the lower membership along with photos of memorabilia from Denver's archive, rare photos that John shot and other items. Currently, that includes the handwritten lyrics for "Rocky Mountain High", and two John Denver photographs, "City" and "City Blur".

Patreon members will also receive first notice of special projects and releases.