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Preview: Matthews Southern Comfort Return With "Like a Radio"

Artist: Matthew's Southern Comfort
Title: Like a Radio
Release Date: March 9, 2018
Label: Made in Germany Music (import through Amazon)
  • CD
  • Digital
Never let it be said that Iain Matthews is one to dwell on past successes.

These days, most band 'reunions' take place because of the huge financial rewards available and occasionally, record company pressure. In the case of Matthews Southern Comfort, neither reason applies.

The original band wasn't around long enough to have any fanatical following and there is no high profile label hovering in the wings. MSC has been reborn simply because Matthews feels he didn't quite get it right the first time. Originally a vehicle for his musical concepts, forty years on, the sounds and songs just keep on coming.

The original band came to a shuddering and premature halt, when Matthews decided, rightly or wrongly, that it lacked musical depth. The formation of an all new MSC comes from his desire to finish the journey, plus a deep ongoing passion to make perhaps one more important musical statement, that will be both heard and acknowledged by his peers.

In conceiving and assembling this unique group of spirited and likeminded players, Matthews has once again surpassed all expectations. The musicianship and commitment are second to none and the sumptuous, soaring vocal harmonies instantly bring to mind the 60's version of the band.

The new MSC, a quartet, features an all Dutch line-up. With renowned multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, Bart Jan Baartmans, keyboardist, Bart de Win, fresh from several seasons with the Birds of Chicago and his acoustic duo Tipjar, and rounding out the line-up is the Utrecht songwriter, guitar & mandolin player, Eric De Vries. This spectacular band represents both the past and the present, as Matthews cleverly reinvents some of the classic MSC songs, to accompany the new originals.

If you're looking for an evening of pure, unadulterated, sonic bliss, Matthews Southern Comfort is your ticket to satisfaction. Five years after their triumphant resurgence and the highly acclaimed album "Kinda New" this new recording Like A Radio surfaces for release in March. It features re-imaginings of three classic MSC songs, plus nine stunning new originals and another three bonus-tracks including a new version of James Taylor's "Something In The Way She Moves".

The new album, Like A Radio, contains 15 tracks and acts as a statement for the resurgence of MSC, who now lean towards traditional British folk-rock and Americana. In 2018, the band will tour around the world and play festivals this summer.

Track List:
  • The Thought Police
  • Like A Radio
  • The Age Of Isolation
  • Bits And Pieces
  • Darcy Farrow
  • Crystals On The Glass
  • Been Down So Long
  • Jive Pajamas
  • Phoenix Rising
  • To Love
  • Right As Rain
  • Chasing Rainbows
  • Something In The Way She Moves (bonus track)
  • A Heartless Night (bonus track)
  • Your Cake And Eat It (bonus track)