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New to Streaming: Netflix & Amazon Prime Add 41 Music Documentaries, Concerts and Series

by VVN Music

The following is new music programming on Netflix and Amazon Prime that has premiered over the last week:

  • How the Beatles Changed the World - Interviews and rare archival footage illuminate how the Beatles' influence over music and culture continues to be felt around the world.
  • John Mellencamp: Plain Spoken From the Chicago Theatre - Iconic rocker John Mellencamp lights up Chicago in an electrifying live performance featuring old classics and new tracks.
  • Coach Snoop: Season 1 - Fueled by his own rough upbringing, Snoop Dogg creates a youth football league to keep at-risk kids off the streets and focused on their goals.
  • ABBA: The Gold Singles - Drawing on rare Abba performances from TV, critic reviews and film archives from around the world, musicologists and working musicians produce a comprehensive review of a landmark in popular music. This Program has not been endorsed by and is not an official release of ABBA, their management or associated companies.
  • Elvis Presley: Up Close and Personal - This unique film review draws on rare concert archive film of Elvis Presley in performance and documentary footage from television and radio archives around the world. Hear the first-handAC accounts of insiders from the Elvis camp including DJ Fontana, Scotty Moore and Ray Walker from the King's backing group the Jordanaires.
  • Rainbow: Up Close and Personal - Critical review of rock band Rainbow, featuring highlights from tracks including 'Man on the Silver Mountain', 'Since You Been Gone', 'All Night Long', 'Hall of the Mountain King' and 'Catch the Rainbow'.
  • Led Zeppelin: Up Close and Personal - This unique film draws on archive concert footage of Led Zeppelin performing live in Australia in 1972. Including interviews with all the band members and key members of their crew.
  • Led Zeppelin: Reflections - This unique film review draws on rare documentary footage of Led Zeppelin in performance and on tour in Australia during 1972 alongside the candid reflections of the band from television and radio archives around the world. We also hear the first hand accounts of insiders from the Zeppelin camp including the band's publicist BP Fallon and bodyguard Michael Francis.
  • Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Masters from the Vaults - The supergroup of the seventies, filmed at the very beginning of their career, when the band had just recorded their first ground breaking album. This DVD has all of the exuberance and improvisatory brilliance the band could demonstrate.
  • Aerosmith: In Performance - Featuring extensive archive interviews, classic live footage this unique in-depth review of the band and its music provides a fascinating insight into what it took to make Aerosmith into rock legends. Also featured are interviews with some of those closest to the band.
  • Bon Jovi: In Performance - With rare footage of Bon Jovi in performance, and interviews with leading journalists and musicians, we look at what made the band so successful.
  • The Eagles: In Performance - An in depth look at one of the biggest selling US bands of all time. With rare footage of their best live performances and interviews with critics and musicologists.
  • Elton John: In Performance - This is the complete case study exploring the highs and lows of the music of Elton John in concert, on record and on film. Drawing on rare television footage of Elton performing live this is the definitive retrospective assessment of his career.
  • Genesis: In Their Own Words - Get to know the men behind the music by going straight to the source in this immaculately researched documentary, as we analyse the pick of interviews with band members from global archives to get to the truth behind the popular press announcements. Features stunning live performance footage from both the Gabriel and Collins era.
  • Black Sabbath: In Their Own Words - Drawing on archive film of Black Sabbath in performance, and first hand accounts from band members Glenn hughes and Geezer Butler we strip away the veneer to see what made the band what they were.
  • Black Sabbath: Paranoid 
  • Green Day: 1000 Hours to Kerplunk - Kerplunk was the album that first gave the world notice that Green Day were on the way. Drawing on rare television and radio broadcasts of Green Day in performance, this powerful film features Larry Livermore, the man who discovered Green day, who reflects on how the album was made and how the band developed from unknowns to stand on the brink of stardom.
  • Green Day: Dookie - This is the ultimate critical review of the album which launched the band on the road to superstardom. Forthe first time Larry Livermore, the man who discovered Green Day and nurtured the band to the verge of its commercial breakthrough, speaks about life inside the world of Green Day, and his early experiences with the band when they were known as Sweet Children.
  • Nirvana: The Path From Incesticide to In Utero - This critical review of the music of Nirvana covering all three studio albums features rare live performances, the very first radio performances interviews with Cobain's family, and a penetrating analysis from a leading team of rock journalists and critics.
  • Nirvana: The Ultimate Review - Drawing on rare archive footage of Nirvana, this is a powerful portrait of the music that changed the world. Featuring the views of the people who were closest to the band. This program has not been endorsed by and is not an official release of Nirvana, their management or associated companies.
  • Pink Floyd: Comfortably Numb - Drawing on rare concert films, and penetrating interviews with the critics, this is the definitive exploration of the Pink Floyd phenomenon. Featuring extensive archive recordings, the key Floyd works from the halcyon days of Syd Barrett through to Pulse are revisited and critically assessed.
  • Pink Floyd: The Wall - Conceived by Roger Waters as an ambitious double album, a spectacular live show and a ground breaking feature film, The Wall. It has been both lavished with praise and subjected to the most hostile criticism imaginable. This Program has not been endorsed by and is not an official release of Pink Floyd, their management or associated companies.
  • The Ramones: The True Story - This is the true story of the Ramones featuring founder member Tommy Ramone, long suffering tour manager Monte A. Melnick, art director Arturo Vega and Hilly Kristal, founder and owner of CBGB's. Also included are rare broadcast interviews with Joey, Dee Dee and Johnny Ramone previously unreleased.
  • Inside: Creedence Clearwater Revival - This is the definitive review of the music of Creedence Clearwater Revival. Featuring an in-depth retrospective with bassist Stu Cook who revisits every Clearwater album to reassess the music and its impact. This powerful film draws extensively on rare concert footage and television performances from the archives, making this the most comprehensive ever review of the work of an American legend.
  • Inside: T.Rex - Drawing on extensive rare archive footage of T-Rex, this ground breaking film covers the entire recording career of the band. We also discover the power of T-Rex on stage as we review the surviving footage of the amazing live concert performances. This Program has not been endorsed by and is not an official release of T Rex, their management or associated companies.
  • Iron Maiden: Men Behind the Mask - Maiden members Paul Di'Anno and Dennis Stratton give the inside scoop on the carnage wreaked behind the scenes, and one time keyboardist for the boys and now leading club promoter Tony Moore talks about his time in the band and the bigger scene surrounding it. A combination of archive interview and performance footage completes the picture.
  • Iron Maiden: World's Greatest Albums - With the release of their first album in 1981, Iron Maiden set themselves at the forefront of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Learn the story of the making of a classic album with a frank interview with Paul Di'Annio, Dennis Stratton and Tony Moore. This Program has not been endorsed by and is not an official release of Iron Madien, their management or associated companies.
  • The Clash: London Calling - This critical review of London Calling features rare live performances, alongside interviews with legendary filmmaker and DJ Don Letts (who toured with The Clash), and analysis from a leading team of rock journalists and critics.
  • Bob Dylan: Phenomenon - A stunning retrospective, featuring a comprehensive and detailed study of the most talented songwriter of the 20th century. Join a leading team of critics as they explore the legacy of Dylan. The film features highlights of Dylan performing live.
  • Bruce Springsteen: Video Biography - This penetrating critical analysis draws on rare footage of the Boss broadcasting live in performance, and compares and contrasts his incredible live shows with his hugely successful recording career. A team of leading music critics and working musicians revisit his recordings to discover what is behind his iconic status.
  • The Kinks: Life on the Road - Gain unique insight into The Kinks on record, film and in concert. This essential release features the commentary of a team of leading critics and the recollections and anecdotes of original Kinks; Mick Avory, John Dalton and John Gosling alongside performance highlights. This Program has not been endorsed by and is not an official release of The Kinks, their management or associated companies.
  • Free: Total Rock Review - The film draws on rare footage of Free alongside rare live radio performances from the vaults. Also featured are in depth interviews with Simon Kirke, Paul Rodgers and John "Rabbit" Bundrick. Every single Free album from 1968 to 1972 is revisited.
  • Motorhead: The Bronze Era - This film is the white-knuckle critical review of the band's amazing rise to power from the very beginning to the departure of legendary axe-man"Fast" Eddie Clarke. Gerry Bron of Bronze Records recounts dealing with the most notorious band of the decade.
  • Slade: Alive - This is a guide to the live album "Slade Alive" that rocked the world featuring unreleased performances from TV archives around the world and views of the band in 1972 contrasted to the reflections of the critics today. This Program has not been endorsed by and is not an official release of Slade, their management or associated companies.
  • Beside Bowie: The Mick Ronson Story - From acclaimed producer/director Jon Brewer, with exclusive voice over contributions from David Bowie, this feature documentary is an unprecedented celebration of the life and works of guitar virtuoso Mick Ronson - a rock hero virtually unknown despite his direct contribution and involvement in countless compositions, lyrics and recordings that changed the face of music forever.
  • Wu: The Story of the WuTang Clan - In the summer of 1993, the Wu-Tang Clan emerged from the slums of Staten Island and took the hip-hop world by storm. Their legacy spanned over a decade, garnering fans worldwide and generating sales in excess of $50 million.
  • Every 40 Years - An exploration of Gunhill Road's return to music 40 years after breaking into the Billboard Top 40 charts in 1973. Every 40 Years is about second chances and the power of chasing your dream down one more time.
  • Murder City Devils: Rock & Roll Won't Wait - An inside look at a year in the life, on and off the road, of one of Seattle's most notorious bands, The Murder City Devils. Featuring live performances, rare glimpses backstage, and scores of interviews with the band, their fans, and their families. Also includes the videos for "18 Wheels" and "Bunkhouse".
  • A Warehouse in Tchoupitoulas - On January 30, 1970 The Warehouse opened its doors in New Orleans to thousands of fans to see The Flock, Fleetwood Mac, and The Grateful Dead. In the ensuing 12 years some of the greatest musicians would grace this stage, including The Allman Brothers, Bob Dylan, The Doors, Pink Floyd, The Who, Bob Marley, David Bowie, and more. This documentary captures the magic of this iconic rock music venue.
  • Live at Billy Bob's Texas: Charlie Robison - Charlie Robison's authentic personality, narrative vocals and his always entertaining"Good Time Charlie" show is personified in his Live at Billy Bob's Texas DVD. Recorded in August of 2012, Robison delighted his fans at the world's largest honky tonk with their favorites, including "El Cerrito Place," "My Hometown,"  and "Barlight."
  • Jamaica Hip-Hop - Travel with us to Jamaica to uncover and explore an emerging rap trend that's disrupting the traditional reggae scene. This isn't just another typical tourist documentary about visiting Jamaica's beautiful beaches , we uncovered an interesting generational divide between how the young and the old view the evolution of reggae.