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LaToya Jackson Gets Message From Brother Michael Through Medium Tyler Henry

by Newsdesk

LaToya Jackson has been given a little more closure surrounding the death of her brother Michael after calling on the talents of a top TV psychic.

Tyler Henry recently visited the late King of Pop's sister for an upcoming episode of his hit U.S. series Hollywood Medium and attempted to reach out to the Thriller singer who passed away in 2009.

During their session together, Tyler attempted to piece together Jackson's final moments to help his sister understand exactly how he slipped away while under a physician's care.

"He conveyed various messages and I think LaToya was still very curious about the nature of what exactly happened to Michael in his final moments," the TV star tells E! News. "There were some questions about the timeline as far as who was around at the time...

"To the best of my ability I conveyed the timeline of what I saw to be true as far as painting that picture. And it just helped, I think, provide some validation for them (Jacksons) because there were some questions about were certain people in the room at the time or if they weren't. Things like that I think can really help people put things to rest."

Tyler adds, "I think everyone who watches this episode will find a deeper sense of closure around Michael's passing."

Jackson's personal physician Conrad Murray was charged with involuntary manslaughter, convicted, and sentenced to four years in jail for administering the drug propofol that cost Jackson his life.

Meanwhile, Henry also reveals he was surprised by Michael's calm, vulnerable spirit, explaining he expected the pop superstar to be fronting a megagig in heaven.

"It's still one of the most surprising, bizarre, surreal experiences in my life," he adds. "What I thought was so interesting when Michael connected to LaToya was that I was kind of expecting Michael Jackson to come through, like, moonwalking with like a whole audience full of people and a lot of feeling of like celebrity. But when he came through he was quite the opposite.

"He came through very vulnerable, very private. He came across just like a brother trying to connect with his sister and it really wasn't that different than if I were connecting any random person to their brother... It was just really special."

The third season of Henry's show premieres on February 28.