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Culture Club, Devo, Frank Zappa, Metallica Films Among 31 New Streaming Programs on Amazon Prime

by VVN Music

The following is new music programming on Netflix and Amazon Prime that has premiered over the last week:

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  • Culture Club: Live at Wembley - The Iconic Multi Platinum Selling 80s Pop Legends, Culture Club return home for the holidays and perform "Live At Wembley", after a hugely successful 60 city world tour featuring all original members Boy George, Roy, Mikey and John, along with an explosive horn section and mindblowing backup soul singers, the band ignites the stage before a sold out hometown crowd.
  • Devo: Live 1980 - This rare footage has been compiled from a full-length show at the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, CA in 1980. Songs include Its Not Right, Pink Pussycat, Whip It, Girl U Want, (I Cant Get No) Satisfaction, Swelling Itching Brain and many more. This is Devo at the peak of their game!
  • Rolling Stones: Under Review: 1962-1966 - The Rolling Stones - Under Review 1962-1966 is a 90 minute film reviewing the music and career of one of rock music's true giants during their formative years. The Stones are unquestionably one of the most influential bands the world has ever known; this film acknowledges and reinforces this fact while revealing insight anecdote and opinion not previously considered.
  • Why Elvis? - A 1994 documentary that features interviews with The King's friends,neighbors,band members,first record producer,fans as well as never before released interview with Presley himself.
  • Summer '82: When Zappa Came to Sicily - The documentary Summer '82 - When Zappa Came to Sicily unites the children of Sicilian American rock icon Frank Zappa with filmmaker Salvo Cuccia in a convergence between art and life, as they each try to reconnect with lost fathers. Told through the lens of Zappa's 1982 Italian tour and featuring rare concert footage, the film crescendo's in Palermo in an unexpected 'homecoming" for both families.
  • Metallica: The Halcyon Days Parts 1 & 2 - This Film covers the history of the band from its formation in Los Angeles in 1981, through their first three explosive albums, to the end of what fans still nostalgically remember as the 'Burton Era'.
  • Richard Thompson: Live at Rockpalast 1983 - It is to be heard how well the musicians know each other and how they have been harmonizing for years. They are building an integrated whole with Richard Thompson. They carry the music of their "boss" and give him the lightness and the leeway to fully unfold his potential. An absolute must for every Thompson fan.
  • Richard Thompson: Live at Rockpalast 1984 - The show, recorded by German TV and radio station WDR, was an incredible demonstration of Thompson's musicianship and shows a band in total harmony within itself delivering to its fullest. They carry the music of their"boss" and give him the lightness and the leeway to fully unfold his potential. The concert is an absolute must have for every Thompson fan.
  • Captain Beefheart: Under Review - Traces the roots and history of this iconic musical legend with rare live and studio performances of Beefheart, interspersed with contributions from virtually all members of The Magic Band along with a panel of esteemed experts. The film also features rarely seen promo films, interview footage with Beefheart, TV clips, location shots and a host of other features.
  • No Hit Wonder: The Aztec Two-Step Story - A documentary about a band from Boston that almost broke through to the big time in the 1970s.
  • Finding Joseph I: The HR From Bad Brains Documentary - "Finding Joseph I" is a documentary film that chronicles the true story behind Bad Brains lead singer Paul"HR" Hudson's life, career and struggles with never before seen archival footage, photography and exclusive interviews.
  • Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey - Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey follows the real life rock'n' roll fairy tale of Filipino Arnel Pineda, who was plucked from YouTube to become the front man for iconic American rock band Journey.
  • Every Everything: The Music Life and Times of Grant Hart - The only star and singing voice of this film, Grant Hart, the lucid yet damaged drummer of Husker Du, soberly analyses the great American punk tripartite of the 80s while rummaging around in its soul. Every Everything is a bold and original documentary where it all comes out, told by an articulate, alienated and ill-tempered chronicler, brimming with vulnerability, hatred, and terrible addiction.
  • Who is Lydia Loveless? - Singer/songwriter, alt-country queen, cow punk, hard rocker' The second coming of Hank Williams or Patti Smith' Or just a bubbling cauldron of hormones and emotions holding steadfast to the ideal of keeping rock& roll alive' Gorman Bechard's 4th rock documentary"Who is Lydia Loveless'" answers those questions and a whole lot more. Be forewarned, your world will be rocked.
  • Jeff Healey and the Jazz Wizards: Beautiful Noise - Originally recorded for the Canadian TV show "A Beautiful Noise" (Toronto - January 2006), this program includes additional interview and musical footage. Healey, playing trumpet and guitar, leads his excellent band The Jazz Wizards forward into musical history.
  • Oasis: Video Killed the Radio Star - An inside look at the artistry of the Oasis video classics, with commentary by the Gallaghers and director Nigel Dick. Hear the stories behind his direction of 'Wonderwall,''Don't look back in Anger' and Champagne Supernova. In addition, we take a look behind the scenes of the classic video for'The Importance of Being Idle.' Featured throughout are comments from Noel Gallagher and others.
  • The Cure: Video Killed the Radio Star - One of the most influential rock bands of the past 30 years, The Cure have left their mark on music and music videos. Their later videos with director Tim Pope are some of the most iconic music videos ever made. The Cure's own Robert Smith and Director Tim Pope discuss the making of many of The Cure's most famous Videos including the hits'Inbetween Days,''Pictures of You' and'Close to Me.'
  • Simple Minds: Video Killed the Radio Star - New exclusive interviews from Jim Kerr, lead singer and founder of Simple Minds, one of the best known 80s bands. In this episode Jim explains the ideas and processes behind many of the band's most prominent hit songs and videos, including;'Don't You Forget About Me' from the hit movie'The Breakfast Club'. Directors Andy Morahan and Steve Barron discuss their video work with Simple Minds.
  • The Human League: Video Killed the Radio Star - In this episode Phil Oakey talks about the music videos of the synth pop band The Human League. The band first found success in Britain in the 1980s. Here Director Steve Barron discusses the story behind the massive number one hit 'Don't You Want Me.' He also talks about how he convinced the record label to film their video using 35mm film and how it was the second video ever to be played on MTV.
  • Joe Strummer: Video Killed the Radio Star - This episode explores Joe's time spent with The Pogues while also taking a look at his brief foray into acting, with the movie Straight to Hell (1987). Unique archive footage of Joe Strummer and contributions from Pogues manager Frank Murray and Pogues legend Shane MacGowan are featured throughout.
  • The Synth Years: Video Killed the Radio Star - A look at Britain in the 1980s with bands like Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark (OMD), Ultravox, Talk Talk, Human League. We also hear from jazz great Herbie Hancock. This period marked the start of the electronic scene in London as bands began to emerge from clubs like the Blitz club and take the electronic scene in Britain by force.
  • A.I.M.S. Gala: Live at Royal Albert Hall - An all-star evening of music at the Royal Albert Hall featuring Rolling Stone Bill Wyman plus Ron Wood, Elvis Costello and more.
  • L.A.M.F.: Live at the Bowery Electric - Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers' classic 1977 L.A.M.F. album performed by members of Blondie, MC5& Replacements. The sole surviving Heartbreaker Walter Lure is joined by Blondie's Clem Burke, The Replacements' Tommy Stinson and MC5's Wayne Kramer. Captured live at the Bowery in 2016.
  • D.O.A.: A Right of Passage - Legendary 1980 punk rockumentary film featuring interview and concert footage of the late seventies scene. Features live performances by the Sex Pistols, The Dead Boys, Generation X (with Billy Idol), The Rich Kids, the X-Ray Spex, and Sham 69, with additional music from The Clash, Iggy Pop and more. Includes the notorious Sid & Nancy footage, inspiration for the Alex Cox biopic!
  • Free to Rock: How Rock & Roll Brought Down the Wall - Free To Rock is the social history of how western rock music spread like a virus across the Iron Curtain, becoming the symbol of freedom under the Soviet regime. And how it helped end the Cold War.
  • Until the Light Takes Us - Until The Light Takes Us tells the story of black metal. Part music scene and part cultural uprising, black metal rose to worldwide notoriety in the mid-nineties when a rash of suicides, murders, and church burnings accompanied the explosive artistic growth and output of a music scene that would forever redefine what heavy metal is and what it stands for.
  • Rhythm 'N' Bayous: A Road Map to Louisiana Music - Robert Mugge's Rhythm'N' Bayous is exactly what the the full title claims: a"road map" to the wide variety of musical genres born, or at least bred, in the four corners of America's most musical state: that is, the jazz, blues, R&B, gospel, country, rockabilly, Cajun, Creole, zydeco, swamp pop, and more that have emerged from the bars, churches, bayous, and neighborhoods of Louisiana.
  • Family Jams - An intimate portrait of life on the road for young musicians, such as Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom and Vetiver, early in their careers. They play tiny, obscure clubs and art galleries, but are on the verge of much larger successes.
  • The Harlem Jazz Movement Documentary - The Harlem Renaissance was a cultural, social, and artistic explosion that place in Harlem, New York during the 1920's. Learn about the movement in this exciting documentary.
  • The Seed of Destiny, The Hustle, The Grind, The Artist - Independent southern rap artist finds his way out of 20 years of obscurity becoming a published author and filmmaker. He embarks on a journey finding the root of his change from a life of crime to a life of music. This award-winning music documentary captures hearts everywhere. See this inspiring true story demonstrating fire and passion that comes from never giving up.
  • Warlord of Kayan - This is the story of Sayed Jaffar, a former hippie motorcycle gang member who played the drums in a heavy metal band. Now he returns to Afghanistan to become a key power broker between the Soviets, the Mujahidin and the Afghan government.