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Watch: John Oates Goes Americana With Video For the Song "Arkansas"

by VVN Music

It was already known that John Oates was embracing Americana music with his new album Arkansas but we didn't know how much until today.

Oates has released a video for the title song from the album that not only has a very Americana/country feel but also has Oates singing in a cotton field with other scenes of farm life included.

Daryl told Rolling Stone "I was invited to go to Wilson, Arkansas and was inspired by the landscape where the cotton fields line the Mississippi River shore. My entire musical life has been influenced by the music that has flowed up that river from New Orleans through the Delta, and has had such an important sonic and cultural impact on America. It occurred to me that Arkansas was the last rural stop on the musical journey northward. I wanted both the song and video to reflect that."

Arkansas will be released on February 2.