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Phil Anselmo to Undergo Second Back Surgery

by VVN Music

Former Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo will undergo back surgery next week.

Anselmo told interviewer Jack Antonio "I'm going under the knife next Wednesday (January 31). I'm having a follow-up surgery that's gonna nip something that has been nagging me for the last fucking decade in the bud, and damn it, once this last little kink is ironed out, I'll feel a whole lot better, man. Which means a better me, [and] that means more work, more gigs, more ability to do gigs, and shit like that. So that's always wonderful."

Anselmo had complex back surgery a decade ago to correct problems that occurred through his constant touring but he has needed the followup for some time.

Anselmo was the vocalist for Pantera from 1986, when he took over for Terrence Lee, until 2001 when the band went on hiatus. He went on to the side project Superjoint Ritual (later as Superjoint) and the band Down along with a number of other group.

Earlier this decade, Anselmo formed his own band, The Illegals, and released their debut, Walk Through Exits Only, in 2013. Their latest, Choosing Mental Illness As a Virtue, was originally scheduled for today (January 26) but is now listed for February 9.