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Passings: Jim Rodford of Argent, the Kinks and the Zombies (1941 - 2018)

by VVN Music

Jim Rodford, the bassist for Argent, the Kinks and the Zombies, has died at the age of 76. A cause of death has not been announced but his cousin, Rod Argent, pointed to a fall in a social media post:

It is with deep sadness that I learned this morning that my dear cousin and lifelong friend, Jim Rodford, died this morning after a fall on the stairs. More details are not yet known about the exact cause of death.

Jim was not only a magnificent bass player, but also from the first inextricably bound to the story of The Zombies. An enormous enabler for us. He was actually the first person ever to be asked to join the band, way back in 1961. Because he was in the top St.Albans band of the time (The Bluetones), he turned us down at first, but from day one helped us chart our course. He loaned us The Bluestones' state of the art gear for our very first rehearsal, arranged the rehearsal space, and even showed Hugh the first kick and snare drum pattern our original drummer ever learned. He was responsible for the first song I ever wrote (for The Bluetones - which they recorded); the person who organised most of our early gigs, and the very first person outside the group ever to hear - and pass judgement on - our first record, "She's Not There"(he loved it). Years later, he became founder member, with me, of Argent; and then, for eighteen years, throughout a hugely successful American period for them, was bass player for The Kinks.

Jim, always a hugely sought after musician, had also had long stints as bass player with both The Mike Cotton Sound and the Lonnie Donegan band.

When Colin and I put together our second incarnation in late 1999, our first phone call was to Jim. He gave us absolutely unflagging commitment, loyalty and unbelievable energy for eighteen years, and our gratitude is beyond measure.

To the end, Jim's life was dedicated to music. He was unfailingly committed to local music - an ever present member of the local scene in St.Albans, where he had spent his whole life. Often, Colin and I would compare notes a couple of days immediately after a U.S. tour and discuss how long it would take us to recover from an intense, fantastic but exhausting couple of months - only to find out and marvel that Jim had already been out playing with local bands (often, but not always, with "The Rodford Files", made up of talented family members) or giving charity shows or lectures on the St.Albans music scene. 

His dedication was rewarded with Doctorate Of Music, granted to him last year by the University Of Hertfordshire.

Jim was a wonderful person, loved by everybody. When Colin and I, shocked and hardly able to talk, shared the news this morning, Colin said " I've never heard anyone say a bad word about him..."
He will be unbelievably missed. Goodnight and God Bless dear friend. - Rod x

Born in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England.  After playing with the Bluetones and The Mike Cotton Sound, he formed Argent with his cousin Rod, Bob Henrit and Russ Ballard.

Their first two albums, Argent (1970) and Ring of Hands (1971) did not chart but their third, All Together Now (1972), went to number 13 in the U.K. and 23 in America on the strength of their biggest hit, "Hold Your Head Up" (1972 / #5 U.S. & U.K.). Their next album, In Deep, did not fare as well but did produce a hit in Britain with "God Gave Rock and Roll to You" (1973 / #18 U.K.).

After three more albums, the band broke up in 1976 although Rodford, Henrit and later member John Verity continued for awhile as Phoenix.

Jim next joined The Kinks in 1978, in time to appear on the album Low Budget (1979), and stayed until their 1996 breakup. Among the albums on which he appeared were Give the People What They Want (1981) and State of Confusion (1983) which contained the international hit "Come Dancing".

Rodford became a member of The Zombies in 2004 and stayed with them until his death. His last performance with them was six days ago at the 30A Songwriters festival in Miramar Beach, FL.

Among other bands in which Rodford played were The Animals II (1999 to 2001) with original Animals drummer John Steel and keyboard player Dave Rowbury, the Kast Off Kinks and The Rodford Files.