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Norm Rogers, Original Drummer From the Jayhawks, Suffering From Terminal Cancer

by VVN Music

Norm Rogers, who was the original drummer for the Jayhawks from 1984 to 1988, is suffering from terminal cancer.

Diagnosed less than a month ago, a fund has been set up at GoFundMe to deal with medical and care expenses. Originally set with a goal of $4,000, the fund is already at $5,550 after just four days with the person running the fund saying that all funds not used for Rogers will be donated to cancer charities.

The Jayhawks wrote "Sending our love to Norm. Norm put the rock in the early Jayhawks and will always be a part of the Jayhawks family."

Rogers also placed a message on the site, saying:

So alot of you know this. About three weeks ago I was diagnosed w/terminal cancer. Not gonna lie, it sucked to take it in, but I've got my head around it now. I've had a full life. I've traveled the world but most Importantly l've met the most amazing people ever. My heart is full and I thank so many people for that! Any way, I've said what I meant to say. Don't feel bad for me. I'm surrounded by loving Family and I've had a Helluva Life for a Lad from Small Town Western Minnesota. Just hang tough. I'll try to do the same. Much Love and Goodnight.

Rogers was originally the drummer for the Cows, a post-hardcore band out of Minneapolis before leaving to play for the Jayhawks.  He returned to the Cows from 1990 to 1995.

Norm played drums on the Jayhawks self titled debut album released in 1986 along with singing backup on the track "Sioux City" on their second album, Blue Earth (1989).