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Jon Anderson Announces That His Wife is Cancer Free & That He's About to Finish an Album Started 27 Years Ago

Photo: John Anderson Facebook
by VVN Music

Yes frontman Jon Anderson is a happy man these days.

First off, his wife, Janee, has beaten cancer. Then there is Yes with Anderson, Rick Wakeman and Trevor Rabin (not to be confused with the other version of the band with Steve Howe, Alan White and Geoff Downes) which has been touring playing the music of the band for the last two years.

Finally, there is an Anderson solo album, one that he says he started twenty-seven years ago. While he is holding the story of the long delay for the album notes, he has said that the album will be called "1,000 Hands" in a salute to all the people who have participated in its recording, then and now.

All of this new information came to light in a social media post earlier today (January 18) from Anderson:

Thank you all for these wonderful words of 'love'...Janee is overwhelmed as I am at the response, she deeply deeply says thank you thank you for all the prayers and kind thoughts, my Janee is now completely cancer free, healthy and in great spirit each and everyday, we are so grateful to the Divine Love that surround us all....

The New Year promises to be musically exciting as ever, I will be finishing an album I started 27 years ago ...funny how time flies..weeeeeeeee...

Why did it take so many years?, well there is a crazy funny story that I will tell in the liner notes of the album, the album will be called '1,000 Hands'...simply because of all the wonderful musicians and singers who performed on it...I hope to have it ready this Spring 'fingers crossed'..

As for YES, we are dreaming big all the time, so happy with the concerts we have done around the world over the past two years, and the next couple of years we hope to eclipse everything we have ever done, 'dreaming big' as usual..

There is no barriers to creating music, the doors are wide open, the new sounds of the cosmos are here and now, the soul is the conduit to music, it is a reflection of all beings, for the soul is music...that's why we all connect through music...

ever grateful, ever strong...big love and 'light'...Jon